Furniture Inspired by Memphis Style and Eighties Vibes: Marvellous Memphis

Furniture Inspired by Memphis Style and Eighties Vibes: Marvellous Memphis

Elvis is in the building, yes, literally… At least here is my version of him! This sideboard reminded me of an Elvis for some reason; unique, stylish, catches your attention… need I say more! But the main inspiration behind the design of this Mid Century sideboard is actually the everything eighties and the Memphis movement originating in Memphis between 1981 until 1987 (interesting fact) which coincidentally is where the real Elvis called home!

I was so lucky to find this ultra rare sideboard and I was completely inspired by the fun chunky shapes and unusual square handles, giving me all the eighties vibes, so this is where the inspiration for the final design came from.

Of course I had to use this patterned wallpaper by Lust Home which was so perfectly Memphis in style with the bright colours set against a monochrome colour palette. The organic shapes clash beautifully with the blockiness of the cabinet which really made my vision come to life. If you would like to create something similar yourself, you can find the wallpaper here, along with some other super fun designs to get creative with.

On the other hand though, the Elvis Sideboard is party ready as we speak and if you think this could be the perfect fit for your home please check it out here on my website.

Why Memphis inspired though? So the Memphis Movement fused the geometric shapes and lines of Art Deco, with the colour popping shades and patterns of Pop Art, and I’m here for it!

Photo credit: Dezeen - Memphis Group member Peter Shire's Bel Air armchair

Italian in origin, this is one of the most instantly recognizable design aesthetics and chances are if you haven’t already heard of it, you’ll know Memphis design when you see it with a fearless and brightly coloured mishmash of styles.

I really like that this was a design aesthetic created in response to the simple modernist style of the 60s and 70s; and whilst I love a sleek teak mid century sideboard like the next person, I love that people were choosing to have a lot more fun with their design choices during the Memphis era.

It was hugely popular during the 1980’s and it has definitely made a comeback in recent years being a predominant aesthetic within interior design. You will start to see it everywhere after reading this blog! 

And if you are looking out for anything Memphis design inspired, even just a touch… Here are a few recognizable characteristics to keep your eyes open for!

  • Bright contrasting colors 
  • Simple geometric shapes
  • Monochrome Graphics
  • Abstract squiggles
  • Materials such as terrazzo and plastic laminate

If you are feeling overly inspired by this very cool design style, here are some Instagram accounts that you must check out for Memphis-esque inspiration! 


Photo Credit: 2LG Studio

Personally I could create endless pieces of furniture inspired by this trend, so here is another chest of drawers I have hand painted, inspired by the Memphis movement… I’m obsessed! 

This piece I named The Doodle, with all it’s crazy shapes… It figures right?! 

And you can check out the full reveal before anyone else here on my website

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