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Bespoke designs…

Established in 2011, Chloe Kempster is a professional furniture Artist and Designer based in Leicestershire, UK specialising in refinishing vintage pieces. Chloe's painted designs are completely bespoke with a focus on quality and individuality.

Chloe is happy to work with you on your own individual projects or please feel free to browse the products that are available in stock. UK Nationwide delivery available.


about chloe kempster

Located in rural Leicestershire, Chloe Kempster Design combines furniture restoration with artistry, creating a bespoke selection of homewares to become heirlooms of the future

Specialising in Furniture Art and Refinishing, Chloe (Artist, Designer and Author) has over a decade of experience and is on a mission to bring colour and individuality to our interior spaces - through the use of pre-existing vintage and antique items that might otherwise be left to deteriorate. Her furniture designs and artwork showcase how craftsmanship from the past, in danger of becoming irrelevant or beyond repair - and therefore discarded, can instead be honoured and reimagined to become a lasting part of our future.

About Chloe


Whether it’s a treasured family heirloom or a recent vintage find that needs a fresh new look, Chloe Kempster will transform it into something truly unique and really special. Chloe would love to work with you and achieve your vision.

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