Metallics, Texture and Sarah Moore

Metallics, Texture and Sarah Moore

I’m so excited to tell you about some recent filming that I have done with Money For Nothing. As part of this, I wanted to show you my latest piece that I completed for the lovely Sarah Moore - which is currently available for purchase (as I write this anyway!)

On Money For Nothing, I work alongside a team of artisans where we rescue and revitalize discarded items from the refuse site, with the intention of turning them into treasure. And, you guessed it, I have some treasure to show you! Introducing… this metallic textured beauty.

Metallics, Texture and Sarah Moore

This is a retro Mid Century cabinet with lovely lines but, it didn't always look like this - I feel like I need to say it's been on quite a journey! However, look at her now sparkling and shining in all of her metallic glory.

Metallics, Texture and Sarah Moore

The inspiration behind this creation was to create a tactile piece. Something that you just can’t help but touch! To create this irresistible tactile effect, I got wild with materials that are a delight for the senses such as rose gold mirror, gilding, iridescent pigments, and natural wood. I then added brushed gold handles to complete the look. 

A matte off-white frame to the cabinet acts as a backdrop for the abstract artwork, which reminds me a little of an urban landscape.

Metallics, Textures and Sarah Moore

This piece is now available as part of the BBC1 TV Series Money for Nothing which will air in Spring 2023, however, if you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact me ASAP for details at

Free UK Mainland delivery is included!

Metallics, Texture and Sarah Moore by Chloe Kempster

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