Styling and Decorating Hacks to Transform Your Bedroom with Minimal DIY

Styling and Decorating Hacks to Transform Your Bedroom with Minimal DIY

I've been thinking about bedroom styling a lot this week, after working on a headboard recently for BBC1 Money for Nothing and it got me thinking about how sometimes bedrooms can lack lustre.

For me, mine is the most relaxing place in my home yet strangely I think it’s the one room I pay the least attention to. I think with the rest of the house now full of teenagers who never go to bed, the bedroom has become my only escape! Decorating it though somehow feels so stressful because 'stating the obvious' we sleep there, so I was thinking the other day about ways I could just make it feel nice without the hassle of large DIY jobs.

I thought it would be nice to share some bedroom hacks which involve minimal DIY, paint and effort to just add a personal touch to what I deem the most sacred space in the house, because having a nice place to sleep is good for the soul right?!

BBC1 Money for Nothing Floral Headboard Art Panel

Tip 1: Headboard

And naturally I am going to divert your attention to headboards; did I mention already that I handpainted a beautiful one for Money for Nothing this week?! I'll give it to you, this vintage version is quite extravagant but the handpainted florals would make a huge statement on the wall behind the bed which is a space that is often forgotten. Of course, you could look for a different design if preferred or even paint your own if absolutely necessary, but either way, the space behind the bed is a perfect spot for art and will create even more of a focal point in your room.

Inspired by this project, I have been looking around at some of my favourite headboards, and to my surprise, there are many different styles; upholstered, panelled, slatted, scalloped, and rattan. But, I did find this amazing repurposed door transformation whilst browsing Instagram the other day, I was surprised at how nice it looked by the end and is a good budget option too which could transform most bed frames without a big build and cans of paint. See the video by Lone Fox Home here.

Some of my favourite headboards at the moment though are definitely rattan. I particularly love the ones that inject some colour like this upholstered floral headboard by ‘Society Social’  below, and a peacock style headboard painted green from Urban Outfitters but being the furniture artist I am, naturally I'm going to suggest replicating something similar to these beauties yourself. I would suggest checking out Vinterior to discover a range of vintage rattan headboards or trying a secondhand marketplace to find something to upcycle if you are up for a challenge!

Peacock style headboard painted green from Urban Outfitters
Image credit: Urban Outfitters



Tip 2: Bring the outside in

There is only one place more relaxing than the bedroom for me and that's the great outdoors! So I am always making an effort to bring the outside in. You can do this by simply adding fresh flowers. I tend to think we often ignore our bedrooms when it comes to a vase of flowers but this makes such a difference in making a bedroom feel more cosy. I am definitely more of a fresh flower girl myself and would suggest tulips or peonies as a personal preference when in season but let's face it they are all gorgeous, except (as my husband knows) carnations... not a fan myself!  Alternatively, you could try dried blooms to last all year round from sites such as Happy Blossoms. You could also try house plants to enliven the space, and if your budget is stretched, just venture out into the garden or the countryside where you are bound to find endless gifts from nature, think twigs, branches and foliage!

Image credit: Happy Blossoms

You could also try house plants to enliven the space, and if your budget is stretched, just venture out into the garden or the countryside where you are bound to find endless gifts from nature, think twigs, branches and foliage!

Tip 3: Lighting

I don't know about you but I have always been obsessed with lamps. I love a nice pair on either side of the bed, and if you don't have space for bedside cabinets, remember you can buy wall-mounted lighting too that doesn't have to be installed by an electrician, happy days! I absolutely loved this green-striped plug-in wall lamp from Dunelm.

Image credit: Dunelm

They are so easy to fit, and a quick fix that will transform your space and make it much nicer to spend time in, perfect for bedtime reading!

For more sustainable solutions, I would try painting your old lampshades, you can do this to any fabric shade using chalk-based paints or emulsions. But we can't leave this lighting conversation without mentioning fairy lights, aren't they the best for creating a magical and romantic space, I don't think fairy lights will ever get old, well at least not for me!

Tip 4: Rearrange furniture

Another great way of revitalising a space is to rearrange the layout. It may sound a little daunting but this is one of my favourite solutions to bringing new energy to your room without buying anything new. My bedroom had remained exactly the same for years until one weekend when I just got the urge to rotate the bed, it made such a difference to my mood and now I spend so much more time in our bedroom because it just feels refreshed. One of the things I’d recommend is having the bed away from the door as you enter, almost opposite, or alternatively somewhere where your back isn’t to the door when you sleep. I always remember reading about the principles of Feng Shui and how it mentions this a lot (though I don't live fully by the rules), and I have to say it has worked well for me, I sleep so much better! 

Millandshome - Rearrange furniture
Image credit: Millands Home

Tip 5: Textiles

You can also use textiles to give your bedroom a fresh new look and completely change the feel of a space. Of course, you could buy something completely new and I would definitely recommend mixing and matching patterns but in similar colourways, perhaps try pairing stripes from Anthropologie with florals and bold graphics from Sophie Robinson's New Collection. Otherwise for more budget-friendly solutions try dying fabrics and changing the colour, you could do this to bed linen and curtains using a machine wash dye, or even try painting fabric on chairs or cushions for an instant update without the cost of buying new. Like this neon chair I recently painted and upcycled recently!

I really hope that these tips have inspired you, I always find it can be overwhelming to think about completely redecorating a space and sometimes not even necessary. I find it much more manageable and easier on stress levels to implement some of the tips above for a more inviting bedroom,  these will take relatively little time and effort but should bring you maximum gain!

Chloe x

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