How to Do Spring Floral Decor

How to Do Spring Floral Decor

It’s finally here, Spring time! Didn’t it seem like Winter dragged on forever this year? As well as welcoming the sunshine (hopefully) and longer days back into our lives, it’s also nice to welcome some Spring related decor into our homes. 

As the seasons begin to change, I find myself looking at the dirty windows as the sun shines in and saying to myself, I fancy a change (oh and those windows really need a clean!) In the same way that we change our clothes or maybe even our hair to reflect the seasons, it’s nice for our living spaces to reflect this change too.

Florals are a timeless staple when it comes to Spring style, and it may be a little cliche but in 2023 they’re more popular than ever, just saying! If you’ve followed my work for a little while, you will know just how much florals are a significant inspiration for me, so I’m fully embracing the rise of this trend and encouraging all of you to bring a botanical influence into your home! This is a perfect time to create a connection between the indoors and outside in nature.

There is definitely no need to redecorate your home or change a whole room. It’s just about adding little touches that compliment the Springtime mood. 

Here are a few decor ideas that you can easily incorporate to showcase Spring floral design.

Say it with flowers, real or fake?

A vase of fresh daffodils or bluebells is enough to change the feeling of a space but I just had to show you this dahlia garland by Bloom and Burn which is a really extravagant look. It completely takes my breath away, especially against that chartreuse backdrop! Floral arrangments are an amazing way to bring life and colour indoors, you could definitely try something like this garland using florist wire but on a much smaller scale.

Now hands up, who wants to grow dahlias in the garden this year!?

How to do Spring Floral Decor | Chloe Kempster Furniture and Design

Photo credit Bloom and Burn

Dried flowers are also fabulous, these come in a variety of different colours and shapes nowadays. They are a good solution for injecting everlasting colour that you can swap in and out of a space as you please. You can find some stunning dried blooms here

Take a Look Outside 

It's easy to maximise the flower and foliage factor at home by looking around you in nature. Take a walk around the garden and bring flowers and foliage inside. If you don't have a garden, take a Sunday stroll foraging for fallen branches and botanical stems that are in abundance in the countryside. And then there’s always a bunch of tulips! Anyone who knows me, knows I love a bunch of tulips. In all honesty, I usually get people to buy me some for me on special occasions… But, perhaps you deserve a treat, I promise you, a jug of tulips will put some Spring in your step!

The Rise of Florals in Spring Home Decor Ideas | Chloe Kempster

Chartreuse Chest of Drawers by Chloe Kempster Design

Swap Soft Furnishings

Swap cosy, fluffy blankets and throws, or deep dark velvety cushions for something a little lighter. Soft furnishings are so simple to change, so I suggest giving your sofas, armchairs and bedding a fresh new look with more vibrant floral fabrics. Use the flexibility of textiles to easily update your space. Consider cushions with removable covers so you can change throughout the year or perhaps dye your old cushions in vibrant colours using fabric dye by Dylon, just a thought!

The Rise of Florals in Spring Home Decor Ideas | Chloe Kempster

Chartreuse Blanket Box by Chloe Kempster Design

I recovered this old Lloyd Loom Blanket Box with vintage fabric I had lying around for a fresh update. Think about what you could reupholster in your home to add a Springtime feel?!

Floral Statement Wall

What could be more uplifting for Spring than a floral feature wall, or perhaps a ceiling if you are brave enough?! This is sure to make a statement and it doesn't have to be permanent if you don't want it to be. I recommend trying out this peel-and-stick tropical wallpaper for a temporary update. Otherwise, there is a huge selection of well designed wallpaper out there to suit all tastes and budgets.

Also, try mounting wallpaper samples in frames and grouping together for an inexpensive feature wall option. A great option for rental properties too where you can temporarily hang your frames using command strips which will prevent causing any damage to the walls.

And, for a more luxurious option, how about a maximalist botanical design like this stunning Artemis paper featuring acid green and candy pink blooms by House of Hackney 

The Rise of Florals in Spring Home Decor Ideas | Chloe Kempster

I'm in LOVE!

Supersized Botanicals… 

Use a bold floral statement piece to do the talking! It could be a piece of artwork, a statement piece of furniture or even a striking pair of curtains, picking something large to showcase a bold pattern can really work to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary plus you can move it from room to room easily when you fancy a change. Choose from a selection of handpainted and decoupaged floral statement pieces on my website here.

The Rise of Florals in Spring Home Decor Ideas | Chloe Kempster

House of Hackney Decoupaged Sideboard by Chloe Kempster Design

Mix it up Maximalist

Lastly, I just wanted to share with you how much I'm enjoying the colour chartreuse throughout this blog post. A perfect colour for Spring! But, can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful space by Emily Eerdmans, painted in a bold modern shade of yellowish green? Where the designer has used botanical palms, floral linen and a huge bouquet of blooms alongside statement antique furniture pieces to create a successful maximalist scheme. I truly am a fan.

The Rise of Florals in Spring Home Decor Ideas | Chloe Kempster

Photo credit Emily Eerdmans

So what Spring floral trends will you be trying in 2023? I’d love to hear! For more interior design ideas, statement pieces of furniture, or styling tips, please check out my portfolio of works

Happy Springtime

Chloe x

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