One of my Favourite Transformations Ever

One of my Favourite Transformations Ever

I think this may be one of my favourite floral furniture transformations to date!


I was asked by Sarah Moore to take on this piece as part of the BBC TV Show Money for Nothing, due to air in Spring 2023. When faced with an old 1930s to 40s dresser that you don't really like hanging at the refuse site with very little kerb appeal, you do what any furniture artist with a heart would do… You completely remodel it and cover it in hand-painted flowers, right?!


I'm not going to lie, usually, I'm sympathetic to original character but for this project, I didn't like any of the details. The handles, the legs, the panels. In fact, I may have passed on this sideboard if it was just left up to me. It's always a personal choice. But, I wasn't a fan of the gothic-style panels combined with deco-inspired curves, it didn't float my boat at all. But then, that's the beauty of upcycling, the potential!


This piece definitely had some redeeming features, such as the size, the fact it was solid oak and those gorgeous sliding doors! Sliding doors like this are a really unusual feature so I was happy to take this project on, in the end!


Upcycled Green Floral Sideboard


I knew I could stamp my personality onto this but only after I had created more of a blank canvas to paint on. So I set about removing some of the details I didn't like. Smoothing them out and creating more of a simple shape, which is unusual for me. Even the handles had to go!


Once I had created some flatter surfaces, I was ready to add some colour. First I painted the background in one of my favourite shades - Forest Rain by Daydream Apothecary. This is a beautiful deep shade of dark green which will make my art pop. Then, I hand-painted a floral design on the front. I just love the colour combinations here (all Daydream Apothecary) and the way the design stretches across the whole of the piece and onto the sides. The cherry on the cake? New brushed gold legs and handles to complete the modern look.


Why is this my favourite though? Because sometimes I think florals can look quite generic and traditional, often taking on a folk art kind of feel. But this piece looks modern and fresh. It looks like nothing I have seen before, and I can imagine this not only in a country cottage but also in a contemporary space too!


I was so happy to have sold this piece within hours but was also sad to see it go too! This one may have slipped the net but if you are interested in a commission, I am currently filling spots for 2023, please enquire here.


In the meantime, this bespoke floral side table is still available to buy on my website!

The Penny
Autumn Floral Side Table

The Penny Autumn Floral Side Table


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Chloe Kempster x

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One of my faves! I love the simple abstracted floral design & the color combos ! You are an inspiration, Chloe 😍

Catherine Stotesbery

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